The Nimway system consists of room panels, a digital floorplan, web & mobile apps and various sensors


The Nimway system consists of room panels, a digital floorplan, web & mobile apps and various sensors

Nimway is based on Sony’s patented world class indoor positioning solution, powered by Bluetooth beacons and wireless occupancy sensors. It connects to all standard calendar systems, such as Office 365, Exchange and Google Suite. We work together to design a version of the Nimway solution that suits your organisation.

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Technical overview 


Room panels

  • 10.1-inch high resolution multi-touch display
  • Multi-colour LED frame
  • OTA Updates
  • Remote configuration
  • Secure cloud connection with HTTPS, TLS and certificate pinning
  • Power over Ethernet* (PoE)
  • Commercial grade (24/7 usage support)

Nimway meeting room panels are perfect for visualising booking and occupancy status of your rooms.

In combination with the Nimway sensors, they not only show booking status, but also whether or not the room is occupied. This helps reduce no-shows, booking confusion and interruptions. Our check-in feature (either manual or automatic) also helps free up unused rooms.

All software updates and configuration are managed remotely, which means Nimway room panels require zero maintenance.

* (Note: 'Ethernet' is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox/XEROX Corporation)


  • 49-inch Sony 4K professional display
  • Simple intuitive Sony UX
  • Mounted in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Automatic power saving for out of office hours
  • OTA Updates
  • Remote configuration
  • Secure cloud connection with HTTPS, TLS and certificate pinning
  • The color of the frame may be customized to match the interior

The uniquely patented Sony floorplan intuitively guides you to your next meeting. It handles multiple users simultaneously without any interaction from the users. The Sony floorplans are maintenance free with remote monitoring, remote software updates and remote configuration changes.

Mobile apps

  • Apple iOS 10 or newer operating system
  • Compatible with almost all Android devices with Android 6.0 or later operating system

The Nimway mobile apps for Android and iOS act as the employee’s digital assistant in the office, providing all the smart office functions via a simple, fun user interface.

The apps use Sony’s positioning beacons, in combination with on-board sensors and map information, to position employees indoors and provide them with guidance.

Web app

  • Chrome 73, Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Screen resolution of 1920×1080 or higher

The Nimway web app is a lightweight version of the native mobile application, offering a subset of the Nimway experience.

Positioning beacons

  • Industry leading BLE chipset
  • Long battery life (3+ years)
  • No interference with existing Wi-Fi networks
  • Currently CE, FCC/IC, Singapore certified

The Sony positioning beacon is a small and discreet Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon which, in combination with mobile sensors and map matching, gives a best-in-class indoor positioning experience.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors for meeting rooms, desks and group areas.

  • Battery driven, 7+ years of normal operation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Secure cloud connection with HTTPS, TLS and certificate pinning
  • Currently CE, FCC/IC, Singapore certified
  • Meets highest environmental standards and RoHS 2015/863 Directive

Nimway’s occupancy sensors are truly unique in the market, offering outstanding real-time accuracy and long battery life. They are beautifully designed in Sweden and manufactured to the highest requirements by the Sony UK Technology centre in Wales.

In order to deliver real-time meeting room status updates, Sony has developed a unique sensor fusion technology for instant room vacancy detection. Sensor data is sent wirelessly using a low frequency band with long indoor range, and does not risk interfering with business-critical Wi-Fi networks.

Security & privacy


Development process

  • System security reviews with threat modelling
  • Data privacy reviews
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Sony security experts


  • Penetration testing of software and hardware *
  • Continuous monitoring of system with alarms
  • Scheduled vulnerability scanning *

Amazon Web Services

  • Multi factor authentication login
  • Audit trail
  • Principle of least privilege

Incident Management

  • Proven Sony process

* Performed by external security company and Sony

Personal data

  • Personal data encrypted at rest
  • HTTPS is used everywhere
  • Certificate pinning from apps to cloud

Personal data handling process

  • Personal data has an owner
  • Process to grant access to data for development

GDPR compliance

  • Terms of usage and privacy policy
  • Data retention limits
  • Process for handling end user data access and deletion requests
  • Data processing agreement with Amazon
  • The Swedish Data Protection Authority has been consulted

Data analytics

  • All data is aggregated, individual users not identifiable

Sony corporate legal approval

  • All handling of personal information is reviewed by Sony’s legal department