Documentation & Media

Documentation & Media

Nimway leaflet

November, 2021

The brochure front cover with the title, Nimway – technology for the people-centred workplace

Article – The Nimway story

Nimway was initially developed for internal use. And like many of the best ideas, it was triggered by a real-world problem; one that was playing out under Sony’s own roof on a daily basis.

Product fact sheet

6 September, 2021

The Nimway product fact sheet has the title, Technology for the people-centred workplace

Article – Nimway analytics

Nimway analytics presents office occupancy data in a way that makes it easy to interpret, even without deeper insights or analysis. Use it to put every square metre off office space to good use!

Article – Office attendance

How to manage office attendance with a hybrid workforce.

Article – The changing workplace

Different times; different needs. For decades, companies have been trying to find the balance between public and private workspace that best support productivity and collaboration. 

Article – Reserving office space

What can go wrong? A lot can go wrong. Most booking systems run into all kinds of trouble. In this article we go through the four most common problems experienced by companies using space reservation software.

Article – The post-pandemic office

Comparing the top concerns of facility managers pre-and post-pandemic, we can see much has changed, but by no means everything. Many of the old issues are still present, but they demand different answers in the post-pandemic world.

Article – Looking for a smart office solution?

7 reasons why Nimway gives you peace of mind: you may be feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options currently available in smart office solutions. Prioritizing high quality and reliability, Nimway is guaranteed to bring you peace of mind. 

Article – Two technologies that make Nimway stand out from the crowd

Nimway combines Sony’s sensor technology and advanced indoor positioning systems to monitor how the office is being used – to help employees navigate through their day. 

Article – Security & privacy of the Nimway solution

Nimway is based on a philosophy of “security and privacy by design”. In other words, Sony’s developers always take security and privacy issues into consideration when designing new features of the system.

Article – Nimway installation in Finland

Choosing a smart office solution is no easy task, but Aktia had the advantages of a clear features list and a trusted advisor.

Article – ICA uses Nimway

The Nimway system was installed at ICA’s new HQ in Solna, Stockholm in order to help its approximately 2,200 employees find their way to meetings and identify free workspaces.

Article – Nimway in large offices

"We have a 7,000 square-meter workplace. Coworkers should spend as little energy as possible finding each other, meeting rooms and workplaces. /.../"

Article – Fagerhults' 2-in-1 solution

The combined tech offer is described as a “neat, two-in-one solution that successfully marries the advantages of smart lighting and smart indoor positioning."

Article – Stratur's Nimway installation

When a customer to Stratur OY, a leading service provider for flexible work environments, was moving to a new 4200 sqm HQ, they installed Nimway to support the transition.

Article – Nimway at a University

When Mälardalen University built a new campus in Eskilstuna they were looking for a new, modern, digitalized building.

Nimway product video

April 1, 2019

For the accessible version of this video click here.